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Business Wire, Nov 20, 2006

WebScheduler LLC's SurgiScheduler Puts 'Mobile' Scheduling Control into Hands of Surgeons at Hawthorne Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons of NC

LAFAYETTE, Calif. -- When the seven surgeons and staff at Hawthorne Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons of Charlotte NC learned 12-months ago that there was a new computer program to conquer, you can bet they were worried, until they met what has been described by the group as a "no-brainer" in ease of use and complete effectiveness.

For the past year, the group has been using WebScheduler's cornerstone product, the SurgiScheduler Surgical Group Scheduler, a proprietary Internet-based scheduling engine that tackles the surgery scheduling juggling routine of multiple locations, changing hospital rounding lists, meetings, clinics, surgeries, consults and conflicting call and vacation schedules.

In a recent survey conducted by WebScheduler to assess the programs' impact and effectiveness, the overwhelming consensus was both amusing and telling.

Says Sandy Hartness, Hawthorne's practice manager, "SurgiScheduler has freed us from the 'Chasing the Red Book game' - our tired, outdated paper system of manually and painstakingly tracking surgery schedules and meetings. What an amazing difference in our daily scheduling tasks." She adds, "The surgeons are able to be more effective and in control with this portable scheduling tool, which they can access anywhere there is an Internet connection, including a PDA."

Hawthorne Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons of Charlotte NC cover 20 locations (offices, clinics, operating and procedure rooms), including full time offices in Charlotte and Mooresville, and satellite offices in Monroe and Albemarle, where the seven surgeons and six physicians assistants practice.

When asked about the level of difficulty learning and using the program, the practice manager says, "Even my physicians who are not techies have found this program to be extremely user friendly and have been able to maneuver around the program with very little instruction."

WebScheduler LLC CEO Allen Kent says, "We believe that one of the key features that keeps our customers happy is that it responds to their growing needs. Surgical Group Scheduler is a part of the rapidly growing Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace, a dynamic, configurable program that offers unique customizable features."

Ms. Hartness's advice to surgical groups considering an Internet scheduling product is simple. "Think through what you need out of the program, and then be sure that the product you choose can be customized to meet your initial and your projected changing needs. And be sure the product comes with very attentive, specialized customer services."

Ms. Hartness reports that after 2400 patient surgeries scheduled using SurgiScheduler's Surgical Group Scheduler, signing up for another year was an easy decision - she has experienced product flexibility and consistently superior customer service.


SurgiScheduler began as WebScheduler LLC, a web-based scheduling software design and development company. In 1997, our first mission was to enable surgeons and nurses at all NCAL Kaiser Hospitals to contract through an Internet connection with HealthStar Laser Services, Inc., a small regional surgical laser rental company providing technical services and equipment. Today, SurgiScheduler serves both large and small healthcare clients as a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor and workflow software designer.,

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