Anesthesia Group Scheduler / AGS / (proposed**)
  1. Universally accessible, HIPAA-compliant, SSL secure server hosted by us (no server needed by you), shadow & nightly back-up, and pass-word protected. Configurable reports and standard pre-configured reports for Facilities, Call, daily schedule, PTO, and all event related data.

  2. Manages Credentials, Facilities Privileges and Surgeon authorizations for each Anesthesia Provider (AP). AGS flags scheduling attempt for AP if surgeon and facility not checked as approved for each AP.

  3. Your Calendar Admin controls permission sets for AP's, your facilities and billing services. For example, your approved facilities can be enabled to view your confirmed schedule at their location with a filtered view of your actual schedule; if you choose your surgeons' schedulers can access to post requests for services through unique login.

We have 20+ years of developing scheduling software for PA-C, CRNA and MD registries, surgical groups, and mobile device operators. We design scheduling tools from the ground up with your requirement at the front of our efforts.

Direct telephone support 8am to 4pm Pacific. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, the more that use it, the better it gets.

** We have completed the design elements of this product and can demonstrate a fully functional system. Remaining to be completed are your site-specific, and unique requirements. 

Surgical Registry Scheduling (RS), Ambulatory Surgery Center Scheduling (ASCS), Surgical Group Scheduler (SGS)


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