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Registry Scheduler (RS) is designed for companies deploying a mobile workforce to a repeating customer base. Manage all field staff assignments, vacation, call and reporting for a large field force or small, and you don't have to purchase any software; you pay only for what you use. It's SaaS (Software as a Service).

RS is a scheduling system that provides:

  • Wide range of features – Manages, tracks and reports on with clarity your entire service event schedule using the Internet. A service event can be transporting & staffing a laser brought to a surgery suite, providing technical or customer training, or software installation or any service event to your regular customer. Registry Scheduler manages the schedule, yes. But also, credentialling, On-call, PTO, vacation & meeting schedules for your staff. Extensive configurable options and custom programming are both available.
  • Instant deployment – Requires only a Web browser & Internet connection – just log in and it works...anywhere
  • Superior ease of use – Managers, Customers posting requests for service, your Schedulers and the technical field force get up to speed in no time flat
  • Reduced operating cost – Saves time, reduces scheduling burden and the latest schedule is always available in an instant
  • Security & Backup – HIPAA-compliant, 128 bit SSL encryption; data protected by shadow server and nightly back-up


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 Book the same number of temporary staff assignments with less scheduling time or increase your business without increasing your scheduling staff size?

These results have been achieved using SurgiScheduler's versatile registry scheduling product (RS). By providing controlled access for temporary staffers and for clients, RS minimizes phone tag and helps you run your business more efficiently. An integrated and configurable data base manages a broad range of potential client and staffer characteristics as well, including skill assessments and credential expiration information. 


Registry Scheduler is:

Secure, 128 bit encryption


Exceeds HIPAA requirements


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Surgical Group Scheduling (SGS), Anesthesia Group Scheduler (AGS), Ambulatory Surgery Center Scheduling (ASCS)

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